Adrienne Colegrove Raymond

Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond

Contributing Author

Chapter 19: A Time of Reflection: The Role of Education in Preservation

Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond (Hupa) comes from the villages of Medildin on her grandfather’s side and Takamildin from her grandmother’s side. She was raised on the Hupa Reservation by a traditional family, where she developed training and guidance. She has devoted a good deal of her energy incorporating cultural relevancy into educational systems serving Indigenous students. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree where her research has focused on the systemic overhaul of educational policies and practices to create environments conducive to serving Native and underrepresented students, specifically those in the foster care system. As the Coordinator of the Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP), established in 1969, she relies on the visionaries of the Native community to guide the university in meeting the needs of local tribes.

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