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    Define Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), their prevalence, and their impacts on health, including underlying biological mechanisms.

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    The activity enhanced my current knowledge base.

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    Based upon your participation in this activity, do you intend to change your practice behavior?

    If you plan to change your practice behavior, what type of changes do you plan to implement? (check all that apply)
    Routine screening for ACEs in childrenRoutine screening for ACEs in adultsApplying the ACEs and Toxic Stress Risk Assessment Algorithm to guide patient careChange in treatment or management approach, based on ACEs score and toxic stress risk assessmentChange in current practice for referrals or linkages to treatment and support servicesChange in interprofessional team communication or collaboration, within team in primary clinical settingChange in interprofessional communication or collaboration, for referrals and off-site partnersOther

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    How confident are you that you will be able to make your intended changes?

    Which of the following do you anticipate will be the primary barrier to implementing these changes?
    Insurance/financial issuesAbility to refer to appropriate services and treatmentsTime constraintsInsufficient interprofessional team support within primary clinical settingSystem constraintsTreatment-related adverse eventsPatient adherence/complianceOther

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